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This small waiting room model, at a 1:76 scale, fits perfectly within your OO railway layout or 20mm-scale wargaming scene. The removable roof offers added versatility, and the hollow resin casting allows for easy placement on your layout. The level of detail captures the essence of a sheet metal clad building, right down to the texture of the walls and the character of the windows and doors, contributing to the believability of the scene. It's a restrained piece that reflects a common sight alongside railway lines and adds a touch of realism to any setting. Note that this model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise to your own scene's colour palette.

Dimensions: 66mm Long x 41mm Wide x 45mm High.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20mm wargames. A 2 piece hollow resin casting of a small sheet metal clad building suitable as a small ticket office or platform waiting room. Ideal on a narrow gauge railway. Roof is removable.

Keywords: OO scale, 1:76 scale, resin miniature, waiting room, railway model, wargaming terrain, miniature building, railway accessory.

"To create a similar finish to this waiting room model, I started with a base coat to ensure all the details would stand out. Once the base coat was dry, I applied several layers of acrylic paint, allowing ample drying time between coats. I used a fine brush to pick out the smaller details, such as the door handles and window frames, which adds depth to the model. For added realism, I used a dry brushing technique on the corrugated roof to highlight the texture and mimic the look of weathered metal. A touch of light weathering powder subtly suggests age and exposure to the elements without overpowering the model." - Stuart
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