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This resin miniature captures the essence of a weather-beaten wooden pier deck perfectly scaled for 1:76 OO railway layouts or wargaming. The careful attention to detail reflects in the realistic textures of the worn and rotted boards, mirroring years of exposure to marine conditions. Each plank's individual character invites close inspection and adds a layer of depth to scenic setups. The dimensions of this piece, measuring 59 mm long x 45 mm wide x 2 mm thick, allow for seamless integration into scenes, supporting a range of creative storytelling through model building, whether alongside train tracks or within wargame scenarios. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. Wooden pier extension top with worn and rotted boards. Dimensions: 59 mm Long x 45 mm Wide x 2 mm Thick

Keywords: OO railway, 1:76 scale, wargaming, resin miniature, pier deck, weathered wood, model building accessories.

"To achieve a similar effect to this pier deck model, I started with a base coat of grey to represent weathered wood, and then I applied layers of lighter greys and browns to bring out the texture and imitate the natural variations you'd find in old, rotted planks. I used a fine brush to delicately pick out the details and highlight the grain of the wood, ensuring each board stood out. A mix of washes helped to settle into the recesses, enhancing the rotted appearance. To finish, I dry-brushed over the surface to give it that sun-bleached look, creating depth and realism that reflects the wear and tear you'd see on a real wooden pier subject to the elements." - Stuart
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