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This small resin hut complements both OO railway layouts and 1:76 scale wargaming settings with a design that's indicative of World War 2 era constructions. It's shaped as a one-piece casting, simplifying integration into any scene. In hand-painting it, care was taken to represent the hues and nuances seen in these historical buildings, with attention to the corrugated surfaces and windows that contributes to a lifelike miniature. The model is particularly suitable for depicting wartime scenarios or post-war rural and industrial landscapes.

For railway enthusiasts, this model brings a sense of the period to life in layouts, while for wargamers, it provides an authentic backdrop for strategic gameplay. Either way, the dimensions ensure it fits snugly within established settings without dominating the landscape. This model stands at 119 mm long, 70 mm wide, and 43 mm high.

The model is supplied unpainted, offering hobbyists the opportunity to customise it according to their own vision.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20mm wargames. A 1 piece hollow resin casting of a small Nissan hut. Works as a wartime hut or as a post war farm or industrial building. Dimensions: 119 mm Long x 70 mm Wide x 43 mm High.

"To achieve the finish shown in the image, I started with a base coat, after which I applied a camouflage pattern carefully using a fine brush for detail. Weathering techniques were used to give the building a more lived-in and realistic look reflective of its historical wartime context. Windows were painted with care to emulate glass, giving the structure added depth and character. Lastly, subtle dry brushing highlighted the textures to enhance the structural details." - Stuart
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