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Here we have our set of 1:72 scale coal staithes, each piece designed to be a faithful representation of the real thing, scaled down for the railway modelling enthusiast. The design reflects typical coal staithes, which were commonly used for storage and loading in the railway industry. The dimensions, length 140mm, width 60mm and height 22mm, are accurately scaled to ensure that it complements your existing 1:72 or 1:76 railway landscape. The attention to detail on the wooden and metal parts suggests realism that enhances any layout. When painting, I aim for a finish that brings out the fine lines and textures, to capture a piece of history on your model railway. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted and may require some minor assembly.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm. Dimensions: Length 140mm Width 60mm Height 22mm.


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"To achieve this look for the 1:72 scale 3 bay coal staithes, I applied a base coat of dark brown, carefully painting to ensure all the wooden textures and details were accentuated. Next, I dry-brushed lighter shades of brown over the raised areas to bring out the wood grain details. To replicate the weathered metal parts, I used a gunmetal grey, followed by a light dry-brushing of silver to highlight the edges. The coal was painted in matte black, with a light dusting of grey for a more realistic coal texture. A thin wash of black was used to give a coal-dust effect around the staithes. Finishing touches included a very light dry-brush of earth tones on the base to simulate the ground." - Stuart
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