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Crafted to complement scale settings, this set of oil drum stacks adds a touch of industrious atmosphere to railway scenes. Their scale ensures they sit comfortably alongside OO gauge railway layouts, enhancing the environment with a detailed presence that could often be seen in real-life industrial and railway service areas.

I took inspiration from genuine items to ensure these pieces resonate with historical fidelity and the intricate details you'd expect in a full-size equivalent. The proportions and dimensions are true to scale, providing a convincing amount of realism to any railway modelling scenery. With careful attention to the arrangement of each stack, I've aimed to reflect how such drums might be found in situ.

For railway enthusiasts who appreciate the fine points of their hobby, these oil drum stacks offer a sense of the everyday mundane that's often overlooked, yet crucial for immersive and believable settings. While the image shows a painted version, the model is supplied unpainted, inviting modellers to personalise the end look to suit their specific tastes and requirements.

Dimensions of the product are: Group 1 is 50mm L x 26mm W x 14mm H. Group 2 is 37mm L x 28mm W x 14mm H.

1:72 for OO or 20mm. 2PC 40 gal oil drum groups. Dimensions. Group 1: 50mm L x 26mm W x 14mm H. Group 2: 37mm L x 28mm W x 14mm H.


"Starting with a clean base product, I applied a dark base coat to represent the aged look of metal. Subsequent layers of dry brushing with lighter tones brought out the texture and highlights, while a careful application of rust-effect paint to some areas gave it an authentic feel of weathering. Washes in the recesses provided depth. I ensured my application was subtle, to maintain the realism of these scale accessories." - Stuart
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