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This 1:76 scale Scottish motor fishing vessel captures the essence of these robust sea-going boats with a keen eye for detail. Its dimensions make it a perfect fit alongside other OO railway displays. The texture of the wooden hull is replicated with care, and each feature of the deck and superstructure conveys the functional simplicity these boats are known for. As a 1:76 replica, it blends seamlessly into displays or collections, adding depth and character. This model is supplied unpainted, allowing for customisation to suit your own vision.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO or 20mm

Wooden hulled motor fishing vessel.

Dimensions: Length 172mm, Width 46mm, Height 37mm

Keywords: model boat, 1:76 scale, OO railway, Scottish fishing vessel, resin miniature, hobbyist, collector, scale model ship, maritime, nautical miniatures

"In tackling this model, I started with a light grey primer to ensure a solid base for subsequent layers. I chose a palette that reflects the natural, often subdued colors you might find on a traditional fishing vessel operating around the Scottish coast. A combination of washes and dry brushing techniques were used to pick out the wooden texture of the hull and give it that weathered look, which is pretty typical for these hardy boats. The upper structure received a darker grey to contrast with the lighter hull and to suggest the different materials in use. The smallest details, like the windows and the railings, required a steady hand and a fine brush. I finished with a matte varnish to protect the paint job and reduce any unseemly shine." - Stuart
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