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This 1:72 scale resin miniature replicates a pontoon bridge with a blend of precision and historical resonance. The attention to detail ensures that each boat and road deck fits seamlessly within wargames and railway modelling scenarios. The dimensions of the finished model are consistent — reaching a span of 300mm in length and a modest width of 82mm, providing a significant presence without overwhelming a scene.

Boasting five boats coupled with four road decks, this model allows for the creative setup of small river crossing scenarios. It's conducive to both strategic play in wargaming environments and as a practical element within historically accurate miniature railway setups. The components are designed to line up with precision, all carefully sculpted to uphold the integrity of their real-world counterparts.

In essence, the model serves as a testament to a profound understanding of scale and utility within these settings. It's tailored for enthusiasts who appreciate the subtle nuances of historical military engineering and seek to incorporate such elements into their tabletop landscapes.

The model is supplied unpainted, allowing hobbyists to personalise it with their own choice of colours and finishes. Dimensions: Length 300mm Width 82mm Height 19mm.

1:72 for OO or 20mm

5 boats and 4 road decks for small river crossing

Dimensions: Length 300mm Width 82mm Height 19mm

Keywords: resin miniature, 1:72 scale, pontoon bridge, wargames scenery, railway modeling, military engineering, historical miniature, tabletop landscape

"To achieve a similar finish to this model, I started with a base coat in a dark colour to ensure that all the intricate details were pronounced. After that, I dry-brushed lighter shades over the base to highlight the texture and wood grains on the road decks and the curvature of the boats. Finishing touches included a subtle wash to create depth and accentuate shadows, followed by a careful application of metallic paint on the mooring rings and edges to simulate wear and enhance realism." - Stuart
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