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This 1:76 scale canal narrowboat is designed for OO railway enthusiasts and 20 mm wargames, striking a balance between fine detail and historical relevance. With its traditional design, this model captures the essence of the boats that have navigated Britain's narrow canals for years. The open hold offers versatility in setting up scenes, while the waterline model brings a naturalistic touch to any layout. The dimensions are precise, ensuring that this piece integrates seamlessly into your existing collection for a cohesive display. Perfect for those looking to enhance their miniature worlds, this model is ready to be adorned with your custom paint scheme to match the period or setting of your choice. The model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to bring your personal touch to this piece of canal history.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. A waterline model of a canal narrowboat of 53ft length with open hold. Dimensions: 214 mm L x 30 mm W x 23 mm L with a 'freeboard' of 10 mm.

Keywords: canal narrowboat, scale model, OO railway, wargaming, miniature boat, resin model, waterline vessel, historical replica, collector's item, canal boat, modelling accessory.

"To recreate a similar finish to this canal narrowboat, I started with a solid base coat, ensuring that the paint evenly covered the fine details. I chose a suitable palette to reflect an authentic look, with muted hues for the body and bright accents for the details to highlight features like the cabin. A steady hand was needed to paint the crisp lines and lettering that bring out the character of the boat. A dark wash brought out the texture and lines, giving depth to the wooden planks and metal fixtures. Finally, subtle weathering added a touch of realism, suggesting a vessel that's seen many journeys along the waterways." - Stuart
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