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This piece is a detailed representation of a World War II era military vehicle that captures the essence of the Bedford OYD truck, a workhorse of the Allied forces. This Bedford 3 ton truck fits seamlessly into a wide range of World War II wargames settings, 

1:56 for 28mm Wrecked or abandoned Bedford 3 ton truck. 9 piece quick assembly kit.

Dimensions 115mm L x 40mm W x 42mm H.

"To achieve a finish like the one in the image, I started by applying a solid base coat to ensure all the intricate details of the vehicle came through. Once the base coat was dry, I worked on adding layers of shading to accentuate the shapes and textures, suggesting wear and exposure to the elements, which befits an abandoned military vehicle. Highlights were then carefully added along edges and raised areas to create a sense of depth and realism. Lastly, I applied subtle dry brushing to enhance the texture further, allowing for a more natural look of a vehicle that has been through the rigours of battle." - Stuart
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