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This quaint stone croft brings character to any OO scale railway or 1:76 scale wargames setting. It captures the essence of a once-lived-in Scottish cottage, now standing roofless and exposed to the elements. I focused on the dimensional accuracy to ensure it fits seamlessly into layouts and scenarios, allowing for a convincing backdrop that resonates with the setting's inherent history. Inside the resin cast, there's a noticeable attention to detail, where every stone feels like it has its own story, shaped by time and weather. It's lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold its ground on a bustling railway display or during an intense wargames session. With dimensions of 78mm L x 63mm W x 30mm H, it's a compact piece that still commands attention. This model is supplied unpainted, allowing enthusiasts to customise it to their own vision.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20mm wargames

A roofless Scottish stone croft or cottage.

Dimensions: 78mm L x 63 mm W x 30 mm H

Keywords: resin model, miniature building, railway modeling, OO gauge, wargames scenery, stone croft, abandoned building, scale model, diorama accessory, 1:76 scale.

"To achieve this weathered look on the stone croft, I started with a base coat to highlight the stone texture. I then used a combination of dry brushing and washes to bring out the details and give that sense of age and abandonment. Subtle shades and a restrained colour palette were key to maintaining the realism. I paid close attention to the stonework, ensuring each individual stone was distinguishable and convincing." - Stuart
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