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Crafted at a 1:72 scale to fit seamlessly with both wargame scenarios and OO railway layouts, this WWII era British supply truck rekindles the rugged utility of its full-sized counterpart. It's structured to reflect the historical design with precise detailing. Lovers of period military vehicles and trains will find this model strikes a fine balance between practicality for gameplay and display potential. This resin model provides an easy assembly experience, making it a joy for enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the modelling process. Geared towards seasoned modellers and novices alike, this kit ensures a straightforward build, ready to be brought to life with your personal touch of paint. Of course, wargamers and railway hobbyists will appreciate the compatibility across their landscapes and backdrops. Please note, while the image shows a completed and painted version, the model is supplied unpainted. Dimensions: Length 75mm Width 30mm Height 39mm. 1:72 for OO or 20mm. WW2 British Army supply truck. Dimensions: Length 75mm Width 30mm Height 39mm. 3 Piece quick kit + wire nudge bar. Assembly required.

Keywords: 1:72 scale, British Army, WWII, supply truck, Albion FT11, OO railway, wargames vehicle, military vehicle model, resin miniature, British WWII vehicles.

"To bring this Albion FT11 Supply Truck to life, I started by carefully applying a base coat to capture the characteristic deep olive drab that's so common to British WWII military vehicles. I paid particular attention to the subtle shading and weathering to suggest wear and exposure to the elements, which can really bring out the detail on the canvas tarp and the truck's body. Adding a dry brushing of lighter tones highlighted the raised features and created a sense of depth. The final step involved delicately painting the smaller details like the headlights and the vehicle's identification marks to enhance its realism." - Stuart
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