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For the wargamer using 28mm figures in their historical gaming this generic model of a typical 1940's civilian truck is just one of my range of 1:56 scale resin cast pieces that are designed to help you create all sorts of interesting scenarios in your tabletop gaming. Whether terrain, building, vehicle or detail accessory you are sure to find lots of unique pieces in this collection of scale miniatures. As a keen gamer myself, I understand the importance of accuracy and realism in models for historical wargaming plus the need for speed from purchase to table top. I have tried to make as many of my models as I can requiring no assembly. Some do, but I have tried to keep the parts to as few pieces as possible. All are supplied unpainted giving you the opportunity to personalise it with a paint scheme that fits your own game's era and theatre. The final look is up to you. Also have a look at the 1:48 scale section for items that fit better with larger figures.

1:56 scale for 28 mm Non specific 1940's civilian lorry. Typical of the type exported in quantity to China and many other countries. Makes a good 'Ledo Road' vehicle, or use it with your Japanese troops as a captured truck.

Dimensions 110mm L x 40mm W x 50mm H

"To achieve this look for the American truck from the 1940s, I started with a base coat of dark grey primer to ensure the subsequent layers of paint adhered well to the resin. I then applied a lighter grey to simulate wear and simulate the metal bodywork of that era's vehicles. For the windows, a mix of light blue and white gave them a reflective quality. The wooden bed was painted in a brown basecoat with lighter brown dry brushing to highlight the texture, mimicking woodgrain effectively. To represent the canvas cover, I applied a tan colour and used a darker shade for shading to create the impression of folds. For added realism, I applied a black wash to the entire model, which settled into the recessed details, accentuating them and giving the vehicle an authentically aged look. Lastly, I dry brushed with a light grey to bring out the edges and details." - Stuart
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