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This model is a faithful 1:72 scale barricade composed of ammo boxes, designed with attention to detail to ensure that it fits seamlessly into both wargames and railway settings. The hand-painted finish on the boxes shows off their crisp detail and gives them a weathered look, which speaks to their historical use in various wartime scenarios. I've taken care to create depth and realism through the painting to make sure they complement your dioramas or enhance your collection's display. For wargamers, this piece offers a functional defensive position, and for railway modelers, it provides an interesting trackside feature. The dimensions of this model are Length 90mm Width 20mm Height 14mm. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise it to your own specifications and style.

1:72 for OO or 20mm.

Keywords: 1:72 scale, OO gauge, wargaming scenery, railway scenery, resin miniatures, historical models, defence terrain, miniature barricade.

"Starting with a base resin model, I applied a primer to ensure subsequent layers of paint would adhere properly and evenly. I chose a palette that reflects the typical appearance of ammo boxes, with olive drab being the prominent colour. By dry brushing lighter shades on the edges, I highlighted the detail, creating a worn look that suggests use and exposure to elements. To create the effect of rust, I sparingly applied brown and orange shades in areas that would typically corrode over time. The ground represents a grassy terrain, achieved by using static grass applied over a layer of PVA glue for a realistic texture." - Stuart
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