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This 1:72 scale ammo box strip captures the essence of military equipment used during historic conflicts, bringing a level of detail and realism to both OO railway settings and wargaming tables. I've invested attention to the scale proportions, ensuring that each box holds true to the dimensions and design of their real-life counterparts. This casting strip has been crafted to enrich your scenes with a piece that compliments the meticulous nature of your layout or game. Thoughtfully designed for seamless integration, these boxes will provide a fitting addition to your military cargo loads or serve as essential accessories in your strategic wargaming scenarios. Remember, while this image shows a fully painted strip, the model is supplied unpainted.

Dimensions: 54 mm L x 12 mm W x 12 mm H

1:72 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. A single casting strip of ammo boxes.

Keywords: resin miniatures, 1:72 scale, OO railway accessories, wargaming scenery, military models, historical miniatures, model cargo, unpainted resin, scale accessories

"To achieve a similar finish to the ammo box strip you see here, I started by priming the resin with a suitable undercoat, ensuring a solid base for subsequent layers of paint. I carefully applied a base layer of olive drab, followed by delicate dry brushing with a lighter shade to highlight the edges and create a worn metallic look. Patience was key when painting the tiny details, like the latches and hinges, with a fine brush to enhance the realism without overpowering the piece. Once the painting was complete, I used a subtle brown wash to gently accentuate the recessed areas and simulate surface grime typically found on military equipment in the field. Lastly, sealing the piece with a matte varnish protected the finish and added to the authenticity of the miniature." - Stuart
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