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This selection of 1:72 scale covered loads offers a fine addition to your wargame battlefields or enhances your railway models with elements that evoke a sense of history. The thoughtful placement of each detail within the assortment of eight pieces captures the spirit of the era being represented. I've designed them with an eye for everyday practicality found in historical contexts which often goes unnoticed but is fundamental to the setting. Suitable for OO gauge settings, these pieces bridge the gap between miniature crafting and historical representation. The model dimensions fit seamlessly into 1:72 scale scenes.

These supply assets, finished by hand, reveal quality in their scale accuracy and the definition of textures. Their value lies not just in the visual authenticity they lend to a scene but in the storytelling aspect they subtly convey. The items function well as supplies for logistics or cargo for transportation, grounding your miniature scenes with a tangible slice of life from the past. Please note this model is supplied unpainted, ready for you to apply your own color scheme and detailing.


1:72 for OO or 20mm, 8pc assortment of covered loads. Use as a supply depot or vehicle loads.

Keywords: 1:72 scale, resin miniatures, wargaming, railway models, scale accessories, OO gauge,

"In creating a set of 1:72 scale covered loads for wargaming scenes or railway model landscapes, I focused on achieving a realistic look that reflects the kind of ware you would expect to find in a historical setting. While the resin product comes unpainted and ready to paint, the version you see here has been painted with careful consideration to the wear and tear these items might have endured. Neutral, muted colors are chosen to represent canvas covers, while detailing such as ropes and creases are subtly highlighted. Small details, including indications of underlying items, give the pieces character and context. The painting technique involves layering and dry brushing to bring out the textures and contrast." - Stuart
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