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This short wheel base British army WW2 replica captures the spirit of a bygone era and fits perfectly within the OO scale railway setups or the 1:72 wargaming scenes. Meticulously crafted in resin, I took care to represent the historical details of the vehicle, from the shape of the chassis to the canvas-covered rear. I recreated the distinctive look of a vehicle that has seen service, including realistic markings and careful attention to the wear and tear that would be true to its era and usage.

For hobbyists passionate about their railway setups or wargaming tables, adding this five-piece quick kit can make for an engrossing project with a rewarding outcome. Keep in mind, the model comes unpainted, allowing for full customization. The dimensions of this miniature are 67 mm L x 29 mm W x 44 mm H.

1:72 for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. Short wheel base British army WW2 truck. 5 piece quick kit with metal radiator nudge bar. Dimensions 67 mm L x 29 mm W x 44 mm H.

Keywords: 1:72, OO scale, miniature, resin model, BEDFORD OXD, British army truck, WWII, vehicle miniature, wargaming, railway modelling, historical model vehicle.

"To achieve a finish similar to this BEDFORD OXD truck, I started with a base coat to ensure the subsequent layers of paint adhered well to the surface. Once dry, I applied the main colors, carefully considering the typical shades used during WW2 to maintain historical accuracy. To bring out the details, I used a fine brush to highlight the finer aspects of the model, and applied subtle weathering techniques to give it a more realistic and 'lived-in' appearance. A final, clear matte varnish was used to protect the paintwork and reduce any unwanted shine." - Stuart
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