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This Bedford OYD brings a slice of World War II history to your wargaming table. As a 1:56 scale model, it matches well with 28mm figures, ensuring that it fits seamlessly into your game's battlefield. Each piece in the kit is designed with an eye for detail, ensuring that the model represents the vehicles of the time faithfully. The attention paid to aspects like the grill, chassis, and canvas cover of the load captures the essence of this military vehicle. With seven pieces, assembly is straightforward. Designed for those who enjoy the process of creating their miniature armies, this kit offers a rewarding experience from assembly to the final brushstroke on the canvas cover.

Dimensions: Length 115mm Width 40mm Height 56mm.

5 piece quick kit. Assembly required.

The model is supplied unpainted.

Keywords: Bedford OYD, resin miniature, military wargaming, 1:56 scale, 28mm wargames, World War II vehicle, historical model, miniature kit

"To achieve a similar result with the Bedford OYD model, I started by priming the surface with a suitable primer to ensure good paint adhesion. I then applied a base coat in olive drab, carefully following the vehicle's lines to maintain its contours. With the base coat dry, I added depth through a combination of washes and dry brushing to bring out the details, making sure to accentuate the raised features. Subtle highlighting was applied to the edges to enhance the dimensionality. The canopy was treated with a textured paint to replicate the canvas, and the windows were given a reflective look with a gloss varnish. This process, done with patience and care, allowed me to achieve a finished item with a well-worn look fitting for the era." - Stuart
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