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This 1:72 scale representation of a WWII-era British 3-ton truck is crafted with careful attention to detail, reflecting the vehicles once seen in service and later as part of coal merchants' fleets. The realistic proportions and fine features make it a great addition for wargaming scenarios or OO railway setups, providing a historical touch in miniature form.

The kit is straightforward to assemble, and once completed, presents a vehicle that measures 85mm in length, 35mm in width, and 38mm in height. Designed with passion for history and modelling, this unpretentious piece upholds the spirit of the original while offering a canvas for personalisation upon painting.

The model serves the dual purpose of enhancing wargames set in the WWII period or adding authenticity to railway layouts, capturing the feel of the era with its characteristic design and utility.

Supplied unpainted, the model is a five-piece quick kit, including a realistic coal sack load, which requires assembly.

1:72 for OO or 20mm Ex British Army 3-ton truck. Includes coal sack load. Dimensions: Length 85mm Width 35mm Height 38mm. 5 piece quick kit + coal sack load. Assembly required.


BEDFORD OYD, 1:72 scale,

"To achieve the look of this finished BEDFORD OYD Coal Merchants model, I started with an effective primer to ensure a good base for painting. Choosing historically accurate colours, I applied a matte blue for the cab and a wood brown finish for the truck bed, giving it that aged, well-used appearance befitting a military vehicle of the era. Delicate dry-brushing highlighted the details, adding depth and enhancing the textures. The coal sacks received different shades of grey to capture the look of fabric and coal, carefully painted to bring out the realism. As a finishing touch, a light weathering was administered to create the impression of wear and grit from regular use during wartime." - Stuart
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