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Our 1:76 black bin bag miniatures are designed to enhance the realism of OO railway layouts. Showing close attention to detail, each piece captures the look and form of the everyday object, scaled down to fit seamlessly alongside your trains and tracks. The set includes two stacks of partially full bin bags and four individual bags, which are sufficient to populate a small scene without overpowering it. Since I've been interested in model railways, I've valued the little details that bring a scene to life, and I believe these additions serve just that purpose.

As a fellow enthusiast, I spend time ensuring that each piece not only fits with the era and setting but also maintains scale accuracy. It's these small elements that can make a layout feel more lived-in and believable.

The model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise the finish to match your specific scene's needs.

4mm/1:76 for OO. 2 stacks of partially full bin bags and 4 individual part filled bags.

Keywords: OO railway, railway accessories, 1:76 scale miniatures, miniature black bin bags, model railway details, resin accessories, layout enhancement, scale realism, miniature scenery accessories.

"To achieve a realistic finish on these black bin bags, I applied a base coat of dark grey rather than black to avoid too much uniformity. Once dry, I carefully added slight variations in shades by dry-brushing lighter greys, creating the effect of different materials within the bags and highlights to suggest volume. I finished with a very subtle application of gloss varnish on select areas to mimic the plastic-like sheen you'd see on actual bin bags." - Stuart
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