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As an avid hobbyist myself, I've taken joy in crafting this familiar 1:76 scale bouncy castle, reminiscent of many a funfair or garden party. The proportions closely match what you would expect in a real-world counterpart, adjusting for scale. Its detail promotes realism on both wargaming battlefields and in historical or modern OO railway settings. I always aim to balance my work such that it looks robust enough for play yet delicate enough to command notice on any landscape. This model measures Length 59mm, Width 45mm, Height 39mm, ready to bring life to any setup.

For enthusiasts and collectors alike, my focus remains on delivering pieces that resonate with the joy and personality of the scenes they represent. Please note that, while the image shows a painted version, the model is supplied unpainted.

Text Description: 4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm. Garden or funfare addition. Dimensions: Length 59mm Width 45mm Height 39mm.

Keywords: bouncy castle miniature, funfair model, garden scenery, railway modeling, wargaming terrain, OO gauge, 1:76 scale accessories, scale modelling, resin miniature, hobbyist collectibles.

"Starting with the base resin product, I initially applied a light grey primer to help the subsequent layers of paint adhere better. Once dry, I carefully painted the main body in a vibrant yellow to capture the bouncy castle's playful nature. The turrets and reinforcement areas were highlighted in blue and red for contrast. I used thin, even coats to avoid obscuring the fine details and allow the model's texture to shine through. A finishing touch was added with subtle shading to give depth to the creases and folds, simulating the look of inflated vinyl. Finally, I sealed the paintwork with a matte varnish to protect it against handling during tabletop gaming or when positioned within a railway scene." - Stuart
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