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This small workshop, ideal for OO railway enthusiasts, has been carefully designed to reflect the typical structures seen alongside British railway lines. Its scale ratio of 1:76 ensures it fits seamlessly into any railway setting, providing a touch of realism to the scene. The detail of the brick texture and rooftop fittings contributes to the model's lifelike appearance, harmonizing with other elements of a railway layout. Focused on scale accuracy and craftsmanship, I've strived to capture the essence of a working-class environment in miniature form. The dimensions are Length 135mm, Width 50mm, Height 42mm. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted.

Text Description:

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

Small workshop or garage building

Dimensions: Length 135mm Width 50mm Height 42mm


resin miniature, 1:76, OO railway, railway buildings, brick workshop model, railway modelling, scale model workshop, craftsmanship, detailed miniature, garage building replica.

"To achieve the look of this brick-built workshop, I started by applying a primer to ensure the paint adhered well to the resin surface. I then painted the bricks with a base coat that captures the natural color of brickwork, followed by a wash to accentuate the mortar lines and bring out the texture. The roof and doors received careful attention to mimic the appearance of weathered materials, with subtle dry brushing to highlight the details. Window frames were delicately painted to give a realistic look. It's all about layering the colors, starting from dark and working up to the lighter tones to create a sense of depth and wear that you would expect in a real construction." - Stuart
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