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This scale model of a stone wall, crafted for OO rail enthusiasts and 1:76 scale wargaming, captures the essence of a countryside boundary complete with a realistically collapsed section. The wall segments have been designed to easily fit into existing setups, complementing the miniature landscape with their historical resonance. Suitable for creating scenic detail on model rail layouts or adding cover and obstacles in wargaming scenarios, these segments piece together to form a continuous boundary or can be arranged in a bespoke fashion for dynamic and versatile use. They have been shaped to allow bending for curved configurations, pleasing both railway modellers and wargamers. Designed to reflect period accuracy in appearance, these models can serve as an evocative background or an integral part of strategic gameplay. The dimensions of each segment are 75 mm L x 4 mm W x 15 mm H. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. A length of stone wall with breached section. Can be cut to length or bent into curved shapes. Dimensions. 75 mm L x 4 mm W x 15 mm H.

Keywords: model railway, 1:76 scale wall, wargaming terrain, miniature stone wall, OO gauge scenery, historical wargaming accessories, stone wall with collapsed section,

"To achieve a similar finish to the stone wall with the collapsed section in the image, I started by applying a primer to ensure the paint would adhere properly. Once the primer dried, I chose a palette of natural stone colors to hand-paint the wall, creating depth with shades and highlights. For the breached section, I used slightly darker shades to give the impression of shadows and aged stones. After the paintwork, a light dry brush technique with a lighter color brought out the texture of the stonework. Finally, a matt sealant was applied to protect the paint job and give the piece a realistic, weathered look." - Stuart
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