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In bringing to life this piece of a brick wall, ideal for wargaming setups, I focused on scale accuracy to enhance the gaming experience. A highlight of the model is the collapsed centre section, which I crafted to suggest the impact of a historical battle. With dimensions of 148mm L x 6mm W x 27mm H, it stands at a height that parallels 6ft in true scale terms, making it a convincing addition to a 1:56 scale battlefield. It's perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of drama and history to their miniature landscapes.

The miniature is built with attention to details that resonate with enthusiasts who appreciate designs grounded in historical conflict scenarios. The broken and jagged edges around the breach are representative of the wear and tear seen on actual battlegrounds, providing an evocative context for wargaming narratives. This model is supplied unpainted, allowing hobbyists the freedom to customise the finish to match their own scenes.

1:56 for 28mm 6ft high brick wall with collapsed centre section. Dimensions 148mm L x 6mm W x 27mm H.

Keywords: scale brick wall, resin miniature, wargaming scenery, breach wall, historical miniatures, scale models, wargames accessories, 1

"To achieve the finished look for this scale wall, I started with a base coat of a dark brown to represent the space between the bricks and give the piece some depth. Once dry, I overlaid various shades of reds and earth tones, gradually building up a realistic brick pattern. I dry brushed lightly over the surface with a lighter shade to highlight the texture and details of each brick and mortar line. For the breach, I used a combination of dark washes to give it a burnt, distressed effect, indicative of the aftermath of an intense skirmish. I made sure to keep the colours muted for a more realistic appearance, avoiding any excessive brightness that might detract from the scale realism." - Stuart
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