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Designed with close attention to historical reference and scale details, this 1:72 scale British early WW2 pontoon bridge set is a faithful reproduction perfect for wargaming scenarios or railway modelling. The set includes 5 boats and 4 road decks, allowing enthusiasts to accurately recreate narrow river crossing scenes relevant to the time period. With a focus on realism and a keen eye for the era's design and construction methods, the model offers a compelling addition to any collection. Finished dimensions of the product are Length 400mm, Width 121mm, Height 19mm. The model is supplied unpainted.

1:72 for OO or 20mm. 5 boats and 4 road decks for narrow river crossing. Dimensions: Length 400mm Width 121mm Height 19mm.

Keywords: British WW2, pontoon bridge, scale model, wargaming, railway modelling, 1:72, resin miniature, historical bridge, military model, gaming accessory.

"To achieve the finished look of this pontoon bridge model, I used a selection of paints designed for scale models. I started with a primer to ensure the paint adhered well to the resin surface. Once dry, I applied a base color similar to military olive drab, capturing the typical hue of British military hardware during the early years of WW2. I then highlighted the textures using a dry-brushing technique with a slightly lighter shade. For added depth and realism, I applied a dark wash to bring out the details and followed up with careful dry-brushing to accentuate the raised areas. The process was a careful balance between detail and subtlety to maintain the model's scale accuracy." - Stuart
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