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Immerse yourself in the world of railway modelling with this detailed 1:76 scale wooden hulled Scottish MFV converted to a charming cabin cruiser, perfect for adding a touch of authenticity to your OO scale layouts. This meticulously proportioned model captures the essence of its full-sized counterpart, complete with subtle nuances that bring the boat to life on the miniature waves. Whether you're enriching your maritime scene or simply appreciate the fine lines of nautical craftsmanship, this vessel speaks of my passion for precision and respect for historical vessels within this scale. Dimensions: Length 129mm, Width 40mm, Height 35mm. This model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise it to fit seamlessly into your railway projects.

Text Description: 4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm. Wooden hulled Scottish MFV converted to a cabin cruiser. Dimensions: Length 129mm, Width 40mm, Height 35mm.

Keywords: cabin cruiser, Scottish MFV, OO scale railway, 1:76 boat miniature, railway boating, nautical miniature, scale model ship.

"To achieve a finish similar to what you see here, I started with a base coat of primer to ensure the top layers of paint adhered well to the resin. Once the primer was dry, I painted the hull in a deep blue, adding lighter shades to create a gradient effect that mimics the play of light on water. For the detailing, steady hands were key, painting the cabin structure with precision. I used subtle washes to age the wooden deck, creating a realistic effect that suggests a well-used, seasoned vessel." - Stuart
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