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This cabin cruiser model captures the essence of leisure boating, perfectly scaled at 1:76 which is ideal for OO railway enthusiasts. The lines and proportions reflect the design of real-world counterparts seen along marinas and waterways. The miniature features a detailed outboard motor and carefully crafted cabin, reflecting the careful attention to replicating the nuances of such a boat. This piece adds a touch of nautical charm to any railway set-up, and it was a pleasure to bring the maritime spirit into the miniature world. The dimensions are Length 69mm, Width 27mm, Height 20mm, and it is worth noting that the model is supplied unpainted, allowing enthusiasts to customize the finish to their preference.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm


Dimensions: Length 69mm, Width 27mm, Height 20mm

Keywords: cabin cruiser, outboard motor, miniature boat, OO gauge, nautical model, railway miniatures, scale boat, hobbyist, resin model ship, detail painting, scale modelling.

"To recreate this piece, I started by giving the miniature a base coat of paint suitable for resin models. I considered the typical color schemes of real-life cabin cruisers to choose my palette, keeping in mind the era and common use for such a boat. I then applied multiple thin layers to build up the color depth, and I focused on details like the trim and the outboard motor, using a fine brush for accuracy. To finish, I used a wash to bring out the details and add depth, followed by a light dry brushing to highlight the edges. A matte varnish was applied to protect the paintwork and reduce shine, giving a more realistic look." - Stuart
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