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This 1:72 scale resin miniature is a detailed representation of a WW2 Canadian CMP F60S truck, commonly seen within Allied Forces during that period. The model captures the distinctive features of the vehicle, from the hood's characteristic shape to the rear cargo area's canvas cover. Capturing these historical elements in a model of this scale demands patience and a careful consideration of proportions to ensure each detail contributes to the overall realism.

As a hobbyist who enjoys both wargaming and railway modeling, I appreciate the dual-purpose nature of this miniature, perfectly fitting into both scenarios for OO railways or 20mm wargames. The four-piece kit, which includes a metal nudge bar, joins together to form the sturdy frame and faithful silhouette of the military truck.

Understanding the importance to collectors and enthusiasts, I made sure the dimensions—length 68mm, width 30mm, height 38mm—are precise, reflecting the vehicle's true size at this scale. It's worth noting that the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for personal customization to fit one's own scene or collection.

1:72 for OO railways or 20mm wargames, WW2 Allied army truck, Canadian Military pattern artillery tractor. Dimensions: Length 68mm Width 30mm Height 38mm, 4 piece quick kit + metal nudge bar. Assembly required.

Keywords: 1:72, military miniature, resin truck, Canadian CMP F60S, WW2

"To achieve a finish like the one shown in the image, basecoat the model with a suitable primer. I chose a color close to the field green used by the Canadian military during WW2, then highlighted the details with lighter shades. Weathering was done with a combination of dry brushing and washes to accentuate the textures and give it a used look. All markings were hand-painted, though decals could be a quicker alternative. Subtle dust effects were added to the tires and lower chassis to reflect operational usage." - Stuart
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