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This scale model of the Ford CMP F60L truck, belonging to the Canadian forces of the WWII era, is a faithful representation scaled down to 1:72, suitable for those with an interest in historical military vehicles as well as railway and wargaming enthusiasts. In crafting this model, I've focused on replicating the iconic features of the vehicle, ensuring that the proportions are accurate, which is vital for both wargames and OO railway settings.

The model comes as a simple kit with separate pieces, including a metal nudge bar, designed to be straightforward to assemble. One can appreciate the careful consideration of the truck's dimensions: Length 82mm, Width 30mm, Height 39mm, designed to fit seamlessly into a 1:72 scale collection or diorama. With an appreciation for the historical aspect of military modelling, this truck adds a level of historical context to any scene it becomes part of. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted.

1:72 for OO railways or 20mm wargames, WW2 Allied army truck, Canadian Military pattern general service truck. Dimensions: Length 82mm Width 30mm Height 39mm, 4 piece quick kit + metal nudge bar. Assembly required.

Keywords: 1:72, Canadian Ford CMP, WWII, military model, resin miniature, war vehicle, OO gauge, wargaming, historical model,

"To achieve a similar look for this Canadian military truck, I began with a solid base coat to ensure even coverage. After that, using a fine brush, I applied various shades of green to highlight the details and add depth. I did a bit of dry brushing to enhance the texture, particularly on the truck's canvas cover. For realism, some light weathering was applied, focusing on areas that would naturally see more wear and tear, like the wheel arches and undercarriage. Clear matte varnish was used to protect the paint and give it a more authentic finish." - Stuart
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