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This scaled model captures the essence of a canal gate recess as you might find along the British waterways, tailored to complement OO scale railways and 1:76 wargames. The dimensions, carefully executed, ensure it fits seamlessly into a variety of settings, enhancing the overall scene with its period-correct brick texture. With a keen eye to realism, this piece can raise the visual interest and give a sense of life to your meticulously planned layouts. Each model is cast to be robust for gaming and detailed for close-up viewing, striking a balance between functional and impressively lifelike. For both railway modellers and wargamers, its specific dimensions of 70 mm L x 11 mm W x 25 mm H, with a recess measuring 43 mm L x 5 mm W x 25 mm H, are crucial for accuracy and consistency. It's clear the item has been designed to fit well alongside other similar pieces to create a coherent waterside scene. Keep in mind, this piece is supplied unpainted, allowing for full customization to match your scene.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20mm wargames. Brick faced wall section for housing canal gates in the open position. This item is designed to complement our other canal wall sections and gates. Dimensions 70 mm L x 11 mm W x 25 mm H. Recess is 43 mm L x 5 mm W

"To achieve the realistic finish on this canal bank lock gate recess, I began by applying a base coat of brown paint to simulate the brickwork. Once dry, I used a lighter shade to carefully highlight the individual bricks and give them a three-dimensional appearance. For the mortar, a wash of grey was applied, ensuring it seeped into the recesses to enhance the texture and depth. To bring out the details and add variety, subtle weathering effects were applied with a fine brush and a sponge, focusing on areas that would naturally show wear." - Stuart
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