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Paying close attention to scale and detail, these canal lock gates are designed to enhance any OO railway or canal scene. Reflecting historical engineering in a compact form, they serve as a pivotal feature for enthusiasts who appreciate precision. The gates are structured to fit canals between 50 to 70mm wide, embodying the dimensions of real-world counterparts. Care has been given to ensure that the proportions reflect real structures, giving a sense of authenticity to the scene. While ideal for railway layouts, they also cater to the needs of wargaming, providing a versatile addition to different scenarios.

Please note, the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for customisation to match your desired aesthetic.

Dimensions: Arm Length 100mm, Width 5mm, Height 12mm. Each gate 43mm wide x 5mm thick x 30mm tall.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

A pair of small wooden canal gates to fit canals 50-70mm wide.

Dimensions: Arm Length 100mm Width 5mm Height 12mm.

Each gate 43mm wide x 5mm thick x 30mm tall.

Keywords: canal lock gates, 1:76 scale, OO railway, wargaming scenery, resin miniatures, historical structure, model accessories, railway accessories, scale modelling.

"In this image, the canal lock gates are painted to bring out the fine details in the wood grain texture. To achieve this appearance, I used a base coat of dark brown, followed by dry brushing lighter tones to highlight the texture. Weathering was applied to give the gates a more worn and realistic look, simulating the effects of water and age." - Stuart
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