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This 1:76 scale canal narrow boat miniature is a faithful representation of the classic British waterway vessels. Realism and scale accuracy are at the forefront of this model's design, with attention to the distinctive shape and proportions that are characteristic of these boats. It is cast in a single piece to ensure stability and ease of handling for modelling enthusiasts. The addition of the stovepipe and tiller details contributes to an enhanced true-to-life appearance, making it an excellent addition for OO railway modellers looking to enrich their displays with historical vessels.

The dimensions 242mm L x 29mm W x 19mm H to top of aft cabin with a 5mm freeboard at hold correspond precisely to the dimensions of an actual narrow boat at this scale, ensuring the model sits well among other OO railway scale models. Especially designed for those who appreciate precision and historical watercraft, this model complements any collection focusing on railway boats and nautical themes.

Please note, the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for personal customization.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm. A 61 ft canal narrow boat with the hold covered and sitting low in the water simulating a full and heavy cargo onboard. Single piece casting. Stovepipe and tiller included. Decals not included. Dimensions 242mm L x 29

"To achieve a similar finish on this canal narrow boat model, I started by carefully studying historical references to get the colors right. I chose a palette that reflected the typical hues of these vessels, ensuring I captured the essence of the models used in the canals centuries ago. Having applied a primer, I then used acrylics to paint the hull and details, followed by thin washes to bring out the texture and shadows for depth. Weathering was achieved with a mix of dry brushing and washes to give it that realistic, well-travelled look. Taking my time with the painting process was key to maintain the integrity of the fine details." - Stuart
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