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This scale model of a 1:76 canal narrowboat reflects the charming details and features found in the full-scale versions that navigate the waterways. While aimed at railway enthusiasts, it serves as a fine standalone piece in a collection or as a complement to a railway set-up. The dimensions of this model are faithfully reproduced at a length of 246mm, width 30mm, and height 24mm, with a freeboard of 10mm.

The casting provides clear, sharp details that bring the narrowboat to life once painted. The inclusion of a stovepipe and tiller adds further to the vessel's character. Whether placed in a railway scene or displayed independently, it conveys a sense of historical waterway travel seamlessly shrunk down to model scale.

Designed with enthusiasts in mind, it resonates with anyone who values precise scale representation and a slice of canal history. Please note, this model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to add your personalised touch.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm 1 piece casting of a 61ft long open hold narrowboat. unpainted resin casting. Stovepipe and tiller included. Decals

"To recreate the finish on this canal narrowboat, I started with a solid coat of primer to ensure the subsequent layers of paint would adhere well. I then applied a base coat, choosing a traditional dark hue to reflect the historical use of the boats. Building up the layers, I added details such as the trims and rivets carefully with a fine brush, ensuring each line was as straight as possible to give it a realistic look. For the cabin area, I opted for a contrasting colour to make it stand out and then proceeded to hand-paint the name 'J.B. Fraser' in a font that is period-appropriate. A final semi-gloss varnish was applied to protect the paint job and give it a slight sheen, similar to what you might see on the actual waterways." - Stuart
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