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This piece is a true-to-life representation of a canal tow path or harbour quay side section, designed at the precise 1:76 scale. It's suitable for both OO railway layouts and 20mm wargames. The craft in shaping the cobbled stone texture lends itself well to the scale, providing depth and a sense of realism to either setting. The dimensions of 114 mm L x 30 mm W x 2 mm thick are tailored to fit seamlessly into intricate scenes without overpowering other elements. It's been a pleasure to create a piece that sits comfortably in the background of a busy railway or as a strategic element in wargaming scenarios. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. Canal tow path or harbour quay side top cobbled stone section. Dimensions. 114 mm L x 30 mm W x 2 mm thick.

Keywords: canal tow path, quay side, cobbled stone, OO railway, 1:76 scale, wargaming, resin miniature, landscape accessories, model detailing.

"To create a similar finished effect for this canal tow path top, I started with a base coat, ensuring to cover all the intricate cobbled stone texture without the paint pooling. Once dry, I applied a wash to enhance the details and give it depth, followed by dry brushing a lighter shade over the top to highlight the raised areas. For added realism, I slightly varied the colours on different stones and finished with a matte sealant to protect the paintwork." - Stuart
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