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This section of castle wall will enhance any 1:76 scale railway or wargames setup with its realistic representation of historical fortifications. It fits seamlessly into a Scottish theme, designed to complement a range of castles and add a touch of rugged charm to model landscapes. The detail in the stone texture suggests the wall has stood strong for centuries, making it a suitable addition for those focused on creating historically resonant scenes. The dimensions are 119mm L x 20mm W x 49mm H, thoughtfully sized for integration with existing setups and other modelling components. It's an essential piece for anyone looking to add a historic masonry feature to their collection. Keep in mind, the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for personal customisation.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways and 20 mm wargames. A length of curtain wall to compliment our Scottish castles. Dimensions: 119mm L x 20 mm W x 49 mm H.

Keywords: castle wall miniature, 1:76 scale wall, historical model, OO railway scenery, 20mm wargames terrain, Scottish castle, railway modelling, wargames fortification, resin wall section.

"To replicate the finish of this castle wall, I started with a dry brush of dark grey over the base resin to bring out the deep textures. I carefully added lighter shades of grey to highlight the intricate stonework. To give the wall an aged look, a mix of brown and green washes was applied into the recesses to represent moss and weathering. The top embrasures received a lighter touch to suggest wear from the elements." - Stuart
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