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This 1:56 scale miniature captures the essence of a Citroën Traction Avant, once repatriated and utilised by the French Resistance. With dimensions of 83mm L x 34mm W x 25mm H, it fits ideally alongside 28mm figures for wargaming scenarios set in the tumultuous period of WW2. This particular model depicts the vehicle with a cut-down roof, adding character and a sense of story to the piece. I've taken care to respect the vehicle’s proportions and details to satisfy enthusiasts who value historical vehicles in their collections. The model is suitable for use in historical wargaming, providing an immersive addition to the tabletop battlefield.

Please note this model is supplied unpainted, allowing hobbyists to customise it to their liking.

1:56 for 28mm figures. Repatriated from the Germans this car has had the roof cut off and is in use by the French Resistance. Dimensions 83mm L x 34mm W x25mm H.

Keywords: Citroën Traction Avant, resin miniature, wargaming, French Resistance, 1:56 scale, WW2 vehicle, historical miniature, scale model.

"To achieve a finish similar to this Citroën Traction Avant model, I started with an undercoat to ensure the subsequent layers of paint adhered well to the surface. I applied a base coat in a historically accurate olive drab, allowing it to dry before masking off areas for the contrasting camouflage patterns. Using reference photos for accuracy, I then applied the secondary camouflage colours. Weathering effects were added to give the vehicle a more rugged, battle-worn look, highlighting its use by the French Resistance. Details such as the tyres and interior were carefully painted to stand out against the camouflage, using a fine brush for precision. To complete the model, I applied a matte varnish to protect the paintwork and reduce any unwanted shine, giving it a more realistic appearance." - Stuart
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