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Our 1:56 scale CMP CT15 Armoured Car is a fine representation of a WWII-era military vehicle, designed with an eye for proportion and historical detail. The model reflects the rugged design and utility of the original, scaled down to fit wargames perfectly. The compact dimensions of 88mm in length, 41mm in width, and 42mm in height complement any 1:56 scale collection. This offering comes in a five-piece kit, making for a straightforward assembly that gets you to the fun part – painting and personalisation – quickly. Perfect for enthusiasts of military history and wargaming, this piece lends a sense of realism to any tabletop battle. It's also worth noting that despite its detailed appearance, the model is supplied unpainted, affording you the creative freedom to finish it to your own specifications.

The model is supplied unpainted.

1:56 for 28mm

Dimensions: Length 88mm Width 41mm Height 42mm

5 piece quick kit. Body and 4 wheels. Assembly required.


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"To achieve the finish seen here, I started with a primer to prepare the surface, ensuring that the paint adhered well to the model. I then applied base coats, followed by layered shading to bring out the details. The weathering techniques were done with a fine brush and a steady hand to accentuate the authenticity of how a vehicle like this would look after being in service. I paid special attention to the tires and undercarriage, areas that often show more wear. Finally, a matte varnish was applied to protect the paintwork and give it a realistic non-reflective finish." - Stuart
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