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These are my 1:76 scale coal sack loads, designed to complement OO gauge railway settings. They're shaped with careful attention to create a realistic look that fits seamlessly onto the back of wagons or within a depot scene, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the layout. What stands out is the consideration for scale detail, capturing the essence of what these stacks would look like up close. Each set includes two stacks, offering variety for layout placements. With dimensions of Length 15mm, Width 19mm, Height 9mm, they're compact enough to add character without overwhelming a scene. For hobbyists keen on historical railway settings, these miniatures enrich the narrative of everyday operations. The models come unpainted, providing enthusiasts with the opportunity to personalize the finish to their preferences.

Text Description: 4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm; Pack of 2 stacks of coal sacks; Dimensions: Length 15mm Width 19mm Height 9mm.

"To achieve the finished look of this coal sack load, I started with a primer to ensure the topcoat of paint adhered well. I then applied a base coat of black, followed by dry brushing with shades of grey to highlight the texture and create a realistic appearance of coal dust. For a bit of extra dimension, I picked out the edges of the sacks with a lighter grey. The final step was a subtle application of weathering powders to enhance the worn and used effect, suggesting these have been around the rail yards for a while." - Stuart
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