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This 1:76 scale concrete bund makes a fitting addition to any OO railway layout, providing a detailed accessory that accurately reflects scale proportions. Care has gone into ensuring the features are representative of scale concrete structures, allowing for immersive integration with other railway elements. The model’s crisp details replicate the look of concrete blocks, making it a versatile piece for a range of railway settings. Emphasising quality and scale accuracy, it serves as a solid foundation for painters and hobbyists who seek to personalize their models, with dimensions of Length 108mm, Width 90mm, Height 32mm. This model is supplied unpainted, allowing for customisation.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm; 5pc; Dimensions: Length 108mm, Width 90mm, Height 32mm.

Keywords: 1:76 concrete bund, OO railway, railway accessories, scale model walls, resin miniature, scenery component, model railway customization, unpainted resin kit.

"To achieve this look, I started with a base coat of grey primer to ensure that subsequent layers of paint would adhere well to the surface. Once the primer was dry, I applied a light grey base coat. For depth, I dry brushed a slightly darker shade of grey to accentuate the texture and details, bringing out the concrete effect. I also used a wash of diluted black paint to fill in the recesses and create natural-looking shadows. To add realism, I gently dabbed on subtle rust stains and weathering effects. The aim was to make the piece look like a weathered concrete structure that had been exposed to the elements." - Stuart
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