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These covered oil drums, scaled at 1:72 for OO railway enthusiasts, are a fine representation of the type of scenery pieces that add a realistic touch to a model railway layout. Their dimensions of 52mm by 26mm by 14mm make them a convincing addition alongside rolling stock and buildings. They are unassuming, yet their detail invites a closer look, a testament to the craftsmanship that went into their design. Perfect for wagon loads or as trackside accessories, these miniature drums add depth and interest to any scene, reflecting a common sight in real-world industrial settings. Please note the model is supplied unpainted, ready for you to finish to your own taste.

1:72 scale for OO or 20mm

A stack of 44 gal oil drums with tarpaulin cover.

52mm Long x 26mm wide x 14mm tall

Keywords: oil drums, 1:72 scale, OO railway, model railway accessories, resin miniatures, liquid storage, railway diorama components, historical modelling, wagon loads.

"To recreate the appearance of this set of oil drums with a tarpaulin cover, I started with a base coat, then applied layers of green and brown to reflect the aged look of the tarp-covered drums, making sure to allow for natural shadows and highlights. Subtle dry-brushing helped me highlight the texture, giving the effect of wear and exposure. Finally, a careful application of a matte varnish gave it a more authentic, weathered finish." - Stuart
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