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For those with an eye for detail in their model boats or railway settings, this 1:76 scale deck winch is a spot-on choice. The dimensions make it a perfect fit for oo-railway setups. I've taken care to capture the essence of these workhorse pieces of equipment, often found bustling around harbours or on the decks of boats. The lines and proportions are akin to the real thing, scaled down to the correct size. When painting it, one can add their own touches, like weathering to suggest a life at sea, or maintenance for a more polished look.

This model offers the modeller the ability to tailor it to their own scene, ensuring that it seamlessly complements their collection or setup. Whether it's destined for a calm marina or a busy industrial scene, it's flexible enough to adapt. It's the small details like this that breathe life into models, providing that extra layer of depth and believability.

The model is supplied unpainted. Dimensions: Length 12mm, Width 22mm, Height 12mm.

Keywords: resin miniature, 1:76 scale, deck winch, oo-railway, boat accessories, model harbours, railway boats, model painting, scale modelling, miniature weathering

"To achieve this look for the deck winch, I started with a base coat of black to get into all the nooks and crannies, ensuring a good, even coverage. Once dry, I used dry brushing to highlight the texture and details with a lighter shade of grey. For the metallic parts, a touch of silver paint gave a more realistic effect, while a light brown wash created the impression of rust and usage, adding age to the winch." - Stuart
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