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This extended log barricade is tailored for 1:56 scale wargames, to add a touch of realism to the battlefields reenacted on tabletops. It's a longer version, providing ample cover for miniature troops and an authentic in-game barrier. The piece conveys careful attention to realistic proportions and detail that complements the scale, making it a fitting addition to any wargame scenario. The model is prepared for you to bring it to life with paint, designed to fit seamlessly into various terrains and scenarios. It stretches 139mm in length, stands 22mm wide, and reaches a height of 20mm, making a substantial addition to defensive positions on the field. Note that this model is supplied unpainted.

1:56 for 28mm wargames. A longer version of our log barricade. Dimensions 139mm L x 22mm W x 20mm H

Keywords: wargames, resin miniatures, log barricade, 1:56 scale defences, tabletop gaming accessories, scale model defences, miniature barricade.

"For this extended log barricade, I started with a base coat of dark brown to capture the natural wood look, followed by dry brushing with lighter shades to highlight the texture of the logs. The supports were painted in a complementary beige tone to stand out against the logs. I applied a wash to enhance the recesses and add depth, then I finished with a matte varnish to protect the paintwork. A hobbyist aiming for a similar effect could follow these steps for a realistic look on their own piece." - Stuart
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