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Crafted to fit seamlessly into 1:72 scale scenarios, this World War II Italian armoured troop carrier offers a high level of detail that could suit both wargaming and railway modeling. The proportions of the model are thoughtfully scaled to interact perfectly with figures and scenery of corresponding sizes. I made sure to confirm the dimensions of this miniature to 90mm L x 32mm W x 35mm H translate well in the designated scale, providing realism and a sense of context in a collection or gaming setup. For enthusiasts with a keen eye for history, the features of this truck will resonate with the period's design and utility. While I've enjoyed painting and customizing this particular model, it's supplied unpainted for hobbyists to apply their skills and preferences.

1:72 for 20mm or OO WW2 Italian armoured troop carrier. Dimensions 90mm L x 32mm W x 35mm H. Simple 3 piece resin kit + 2 plasticard armoured plates for radiator. Assembly required.

Keywords: FIAT SCUDATO, armoured truck, resin miniature, 1:72 scale, World War II, Italian military vehicle, wargaming, modelling, WW2 transport, historical miniature, kit assembly, scale modelling, troop carrier.

"To achieve a realistic finish on this armoured truck model, I started with a careful examination of historical references to get the paint scheme just right. Using acrylic model paints, I applied a base coat that matched the era's standard military color. I then used a combination of washes and dry brushing to bring out the details and to simulate weathering and wear, suggesting this vehicle has seen action. For the finer details, such as the tyre treads and the subtle shading around the panel lines, a fine-tipped brush ensured precision. Finally, a light dusting of pigment powder gave an authentic dusty look, as if it's been traveling through rugged terrain." - Stuart
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