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For enthusiasts of 1:76 scale railway modeling scenes, I've crafted this set of fish boxes to add depth to your harbour settings. These small stacks not only fit the exacting standards of scale required by the discerning modeller but also reflect the wear and character you'd expect to find in such a bustling environment. I've paid close attention to the detail, ensuring the dimensions proportionately match the surroundings of a railway setting. As I understand the importance of a model's integration into its intended scene, I made sure that the size and scale align perfectly for OO layouts. It's been a fine task to balance the realism with the scale, aiming to provide a product that enhances the depth and narrative of your work. Please note, this model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise as you see fit. Dimensions: Length 35mm, Width 12mm, Height 15mm.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

1 small stack of empty boxes

Dimensions: Length 35mm Width 12mm Height 15mm

"To achieve the finish seen in the image, I started by applying a base coat that captured the essential tones of aged wood, carefully letting the details show through. Subsequent layers of dry brushing were applied to highlight the edges and textures of the stacked boxes. I then used washes to emphasize the recesses and give the stack of boxes a used and weathered look. Finally, selective detailing was added to bring out individual characteristics of each box, suggesting long-term use and exposure in a busy harbour setting." - Stuart
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