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These 1:72 scale fishing nets are designed to enhance any boat model, providing an extra layer of realism to the scene. I took care to make sure the nets look like they've been used at sea, displaying implied texture and the natural wear you'd expect aboard a working vessel. Added as deck accessories, they convey a sense of life and activity, perfect for anyone looking to create a more dynamic and believable setting in their railway or nautical themed displays.

Dimensions in mm LxWxH: 24 x 16 x 7, 17 x 16 x 5, 16 x 14 x 4.

The model is supplied unpainted, giving you the freedom to customise the finishing touches to suit your individual project. For railway modellers, these accessories are appropriately scaled down to 1:76 to ensure seamless integration within your detailed scenes.

Text Description: 3 folded fishing nets as deck accessories for our fishing boat models.

Keywords: scale model fishing nets, 1:72 scale accessories, railway modelling, nautical miniatures, boat detailing, scale realism, hand-painted, model deck accessories, OO gauge-compatible, collector's miniatures, scale fishing boat accessories, hobbyist supplies.

"For hobbyists looking to achieve a similar finish on their fishing net miniatures, I recommend starting with a light grey base coat to create a neutral undertone. Using fine detail brushes, apply subtle shades of brown and green to mimic the look of weathering, then highlight the edges with a dry-brushing technique to accentuate the texture. For nets with caught fish, like the example, carefully paint the fish in realistic colors, ensuring they stand out against the netting for added visual interest. Ensure each layer is fully dried before applying the next to maintain crisp details." - Stuart
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