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In bringing these miniatures to life, I've paid close attention to the scale, ensuring that each item feels right at home in a 1:76 railway setting. Each piece is designed to add character to an OO gauge layout, complementing the surrounding environment with a personal touch that could only come from an enthusiast's attention to detail. From the pitched roofs to the intricate design of the garage doors and the folds of the tent, I trust that the proportions will sit comfortably alongside other pieces in the collection. The bouncy castle adds a pop of colour, likely to become a standout feature in any back garden scene.

For anyone building detailed miniature worlds, these pieces offer the opportunity to add depth to your OO gauge railway scenarios, providing that extra layer of realism and everyday life that can make all the difference. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for personal customisation.

Dimensions: 1:76 scale

Text Description: 4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm Packet of 4 useful items for creating back garden scenes. Includes a wooden garage, wooden shed, bouncy castle, and tent.

Keywords: resin miniatures, OO gauge, railway modelling, garden accessories, scale model, 1:76 scale, detailing, scenery, layout accessory, hobbyist, collector, miniature buildings.

"To achieve a similar appearance for these garden accessories, I started with a base coat of primer to ensure a good surface for the following layers of paint. For the wooden textures of the garage and shed, I used a mix of browns and applied highlights to bring out the plank details, finishing with a dry brush technique to enhance the wood grain. The bouncy castle required a more vibrant approach, with carefully applied blocks of primary colours and a steady hand to capture the playful essence. A darker shade at the base suggests depth and ground contact. The tent was painted in a muted colour to reflect canvas material, with shadowing added for a sense of volume." - Stuart
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