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This set captures the understated solemnity you'd expect to find in an old churchyard. It's tailored for enthusiasts of 1:76 scale modelling, both in railway and wargaming scenes. The attention to detail in engraving means that each stone tells its own story, inviting a closer look. When painting these myself, I focused on simple techniques to suggest age and exposure to the elements. For fellow hobbyists, this would be an accessible yet fulfilling project.

The items are cast to fit comfortably within the 1:76 ratio, ensuring they’ll sit convincingly alongside other pieces in a layout or on the battlefield. The completeness of the set allows for a varied and realistic rendition of a miniature gravesite, without drawing attention away from the overall scene.

Remember, the models are supplied unpainted, ready for you to put your own mark on them.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

6 sandstone headstones on stone plinths

Keywords: resin miniatures, 1:76 scale, OO gauge, wargaming scenery, railway modelling accessories, miniature gravestones, headstone miniatures, miniature plinths, historical miniatures, scale model accessories.

"To achieve the finish seen in this image, I started by priming the resin gravestones and plinths with a neutral color, ensuring even coverage to create a solid base for painting. Using a fine brush, I applied various shades of grey and brown acrylic paint to mimic the weathered stone look typical of old gravestones. Highlights and lowlights were used to accentuate the texture and inscriptions, adding depth to each piece. Finally, a thin wash of black or dark brown was applied to bring out the details and give the stones a more realistic aged appearance. It's all about layering the paint gently and taking your time to build up the weathered effect, which I find quite therapeutic." - Stuart
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