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This resin miniature replicates a half-submerged boat with a focus on realism and scale accuracy, suitable for OO railway layouts. The care taken in crafting ensures the features remain proportionate to the 1:76 scale. With dimensions of Length 55mm, Width 27mm, and Height 18mm, it fits neatly into a scene, offering a touch of historical presence to any maritime or nautical setting. This model is supplied unpainted, ready for you to apply your own creative touch using the methods I've described.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

Dimensions: Length 55mm Width 27mm Height 18mm

Keywords: resin miniature, half-submerged boat, scale model, OO railway, railway boats, nautical miniature, ships, historical model, scale accuracy, craftsmanship, model painting.

"To achieve the appearance of this half-submerged boat, I started with an even base coat, making sure to let the details stand out. I used a palette of weathered colors to suggest a vessel that's seen better days, gently highlighting the wooden textures and submerged parts with lighter tones to capture that natural water line. Darker washes were applied to the recesses to give depth, and a bit of dry brushing brought out the finer details. It's all about layering the paints to simulate age and exposure to the elements." - Stuart
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