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This scale model of a half-submerged MFV captures the essence of a once-seaworthy vessel now relinquished to the elements. Attention to detail is evident in the replication of wear and decay on the boat's structure, achieved through selective painting techniques. For those who appreciate scale realism, this model is a fine addition to any OO railway setting, giving life to nautical scenes.

Crafted to fit the 1:76 scale, this piece aligns seamlessly with OO gauge environments. The proportions reflect a studious observation of maritime vessels, offering depth to a historical marine setting. The rendering of textures and colours on the model echoes the characteristics of an abandoned wooden-hulled boat, weathering over time. The dimensions, measuring 125 mm in length, 31 mm in width, and 18 mm in height, ensure a tangible presence within a scene.

For railway modellers, integrating this model can enhance the narrative of your layout, adding a layer of history and visual interest to harbours or coastal areas. Supplied unpainted, the model presents an opportunity for personalisation, inviting enthusiasts to apply their skills in creating a realistic, weathered finish.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

Abandoned and weathered sunken wooden hulled MFV

Dimensions: Length 125mm Width 31mm Height 18mm

Keywords: scale model, 1:76, OO railway, model boat

"To achieve this weathered look on the half-submerged MFV, I started with the base resin product. I carefully painted it with layers of acrylic paint, building up from darker shades in the recesses to lighter tones on the raised areas to create a realistic aged effect. The waterline was detailed with a gentle blending of greens and blues to simulate algae and water marks. After the paint had dried, I used a fine brush to add rust streaks and wood grain details, ensuring each texture stands out and contributes to the overall distressed appearance." - Stuart
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