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1:56 HAY BALES x 16

1:56 HAY BALES x 16

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These 1:56 scale hay bales are crafted to complement 28 mm wargames, providing scenery for strategic cover or simply to enrich the tabletop battlefield. What stands out is the well-defined texture, which gives each piece a distinct and realistic look. As a hobbyist, I strive to offer items that hold true to scale, ensuring they fit seamlessly alongside other pieces in a collection. The dimensions for each bale are 16 mm L x 8 mm W x 7 mm H, perfect for setting up defences or adding depth to your scenarios. While the image shows a painted finished item, the model is supplied unpainted.

Text Description: 1:56 scale for 28 mm wargames. Pack of 16 straw or hay bales for barricades etc. Dimensions for individual bales: 16 mm L x 8 mm W x 7 mm H

Keywords: hay bales, resin miniatures, wargaming, 28mm scale, 1:56 scale, tabletop scenery, wargames supplies.

"Starting with the basic resin cast of these hay bales, I applied a base coat that closely resembles the light, natural straw colour. Once the base coat was dry, I used a combination of dry brushing and wash techniques to bring out the texture, enhancing the individual strands of hay for a realistic look. The edges and corners were given a slightly darker shade to accentuate the natural shadows you would see. As always, thin layers of paint work best to retain the details without obscuring them." - Stuart
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