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This set of hop pockets is crafted to be a compelling addition to your OO scale railway or wargaming terrain. Reflecting the essence of vintage beer-making industry, these resin models capture the essence of what would be seen in rural countrysides or by the tracks of a working railway. The fine attention to detail in the weave of the sacks and the careful shaping ensures that they fittingly complement the surroundings of miniature landscapes.

The dimensions of the set are 34mm L x 22mm W x 15mm H, which fits well within the 1:76 scale parameters. Whether you're filling a goods wagon or setting up scenes for a tabletop battle, these miniatures will integrate seamlessly. Note that the model is supplied unpainted, primed and ready for you to add your personal touch.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. A stack of 7 filled hop pockets. These are tall 6ft sacks used for the hops in beer making. Dimensions. 34mm L x 22 mm W x 15 mm H.

Keywords: 1:76 hop pockets, OO scale railway model, wargame accessories, resin miniature, historical miniature, scale model accessories, hobby model kit, scale wargaming, beer making sacks, resin stacks, miniature detailing.

"To achieve the level of detail you see here, I started with a high-quality resin casting of the hop pockets, ensuring each sack retained its distinct texture and character. I then primed the surface to give an even base for painting. With a careful hand, I applied layers of acrylic paints, using a palette that reflects the natural hues of burlap. Shading was crucial in bringing out the contours of the sacks, so I used a combination of dry brushing and wash techniques to highlight the creases and folds. A final light dry brush with a very light beige pulled out the high points, making the stacks look as realistic as possible." - Stuart
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